Our OOH media reaches 7 out of 10 Vietnamese monthly.* That’s one big audience— and a lot of little ones too.


We specialise in outdoor advertising, branding and strategic planning. Working with creative agencies and direct business markets alike, we work with you, accessing every outdoor site throughout all provinces including metropolitan areas and key regional territories. Whether you are a sole trader or a large conglomerate, our mission is to deliver more opportunities through creative and intelligent out-of-home solutions. To help your advertising better engage with consumers, through effective strategy, innovation and improved accountability and reporting mechanisms for advertisers. There are hundreds of types of out-of-home media to choose from, with over 50,000 advertising faces . As an outdoor advertising specialist, OOH by NSG Ads & NSG Investing company not only provide you with the complete selection of inventory of billboard sites, but include expert analysis and options  in your market area, offering you the full range of possible solutions to reach your marketing goals within your budget.

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Billboard ads are large-scale prints ads that promote a company, product, service, or campaign. They are typically placed in high-traffic areas, such as along highways and in cities. Pros: captivate your audience, commuters can see them every day, reach a larger audience, good billboards help reach the target audience, billboards are one of the most effective forms of advertising when used alongside digital marketing

creative billboard

Creative billboards are large, striking, and eye-catching advertisements that can reach a large audience. They are designed to grab the attention of pedestrians and drivers.


hoarding & large

What are advertising hoardings? Advertising hoardings are the large boards erected around a construction site, which can prominently feature printed graphics and designs. A very large board on which advertisements are shown, especially at the side of a road.


LED raise up the sense of reality and trust of all advertisements. It is a great selling tool for advertisers to have direct interaction with clients. It provides a quick and easy mean for all businesses to accelerate and increase their sales revenue through direct digital advertising and customer engagement promotional campaign.


Connect with diverse and desirable audiences at every step of their journey throughout Vietnam’s airport. Influence a premium and receptive audience, delivering first and last brand impressions reaching passengers, commuters, airport workers, and meeters-and-greeters alike.

in-flight ads

In-flight advertising is a form of advertising that targets consumers on an airplane, it includes: Commercials: During in-flight entertainment programming, Advertisements: In in-flight magazines, on boarding passes, on seat-back tray tables, and in overhead storage bins, in-flight advertising can reach a large number of passengers. Advertisers can target passengers by their geographical origin, destination, routes, preferences etc.

bus-taxi-car ads

Bus and taxi advertising are forms of transit advertising that can help businesses increase brand awareness and engage with potential customers, bus & taxi advertising can be effective because it has a broad audience reach, high visibility, mobility, constant presence, and cost-effectiveness.


LCD digital signage can target advertisements based on location, time of day, and audience demographics. Advertisers can use data analytics to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and optimize content.


Shopping mall advertising is a form of out-of-home advertising. It can be a good way to reach audiences who are ready to buy and penetrate local communities. Billboards: Large billboards in parking lots can encourage consumers to take action. Flashing billboards that repeat throughout the day can also be effective. LED screens: These digital advertising spaces can be placed inside and outside of retailers and updated easily. Elevator, escalator, and window graphics.


Cost effective, faster process, economical and right in the middle of the crowd where billboards are not possible. This is getting more popular among SME and startup brand. As NSG team, we support and offer online marketing combining with PANO booking with same duration and same cities. 


LED Tower mapping ads are useful for short time of duration or viral campaign whether it is a festive season or promotional offer, it reaches huge audience just close to the important days and keep the audience to remember the brand just before the big events. it is mostly displayed in the hot spots of city center on full-tower view.

cvs ads

Convenience store displays are similar to other outdoor media, but are placed close to the point-of-sale. They can provide penetration in specific neighborhoods and/or broad geographic areas. Displays: Eye-catching displays and signage near the checkout counter or on shelves, Signage: Advertising on store shelves, posters, hanging stickers, and activation activities, TV screens: Advertising by TV screens placed around convenience stores, Other: Coffee sleeves, pump-tops mini billboards, ice chest wraps, ceiling danglers, and brochure holders

golf course ads

Golf course advertising is an effective way to reach affluent audiences, Golf is often associated with prestige, luxury, and quality. Golf course advertising involves printing and placing high-quality advertisements on golf courses.


It includes several and different types of ads example street decorations, logo tower marketing, gas & bus stations, pedestrian bridges and so on. it falls under OOH category ads. 



OOH media formats surround and reach consumers during the 70 percent of their day spent away from home. As people go out and about, commuting or shopping or walking their dog or searching for their favorite frappe, they are exposed to OOH messages.


More so than other forms of advertising, when people consume OOH messages, they feel confident, excited, hopeful, positive and happy. Consumers trust out-of-home. Next to print, people perceive OOH as a very credible source of information.


One of the biggest benefits of OOH media in today’s marketing mix is its ability to amplify other media channels. When more OOH is allocated to the overall marketing mix, magic starts to happen. No fairy godmother required. OOH is quite the verifiable, effective marketing.


Out-of-home placements are location-specific. Each location is strategically selected to aim your message at the precise audience you’re trying to engage.


Size does matter when you’re cutting through the clutter of our everyday environments. You have greater control over where your brand is placed, contextually speaking. With digital or print, you may end up published alongside offensive content that can damage your brand without you having full control over that placement


Our industry is also growing due to programmatic benefits of having digital creative in the OOH environment. This allows for dynamic creative and quick ad changes. The DOOH industry is still in its infancy, and as we learn from the pioneering efforts, we’ll adopt even better digital OOH displays in the future.